The unique place where the main theme is the Madeira Agricultural RUM.
In a traditional, pleasant and full of history space, it is possible to challenge the human senses by being part of the experience of tasting the "RUM Tastings", the intense flavor, the smell, the glow of the best RUM produced in the Region, always to the sound of good music environment.
When you visit us and be part of this experience in the spirits that the region has to offer, you will undoubtedly be touched by the spirit of the Island.

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In addition to being a pleasant place to have a Rum, it is possible to learn about the history of this drink in the region.
In addition to the exhibition of one of the largest collections of Rum bottles, in this space it is possible to discover utensils used throughout the process, from the harvesting of sugarcane to its distillation in precious Rum.

Visit us, we are in the old part of the City of Funchal

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