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O RUM da Madeira

'Madeira Rum', commonly known as sugar cane spirit, is rum with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) produced in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, obtained exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of sugar cane juice. reason classified as agricultural rum, with unique quality and characteristics, the result of traditional production processes and the experience accumulated over generations.
«Madeira Rum» is available in a wide range of presentations, starting with the newest rum, also known as natural rum, the main and indispensable raw material for the production of the famous and typical «Poncha da Madeira», extending to other categories of rum usually aged in oak casks for long periods.
The production and marketing of «Madeira Rum» is regulated by Regional Legislative Decree no. labeling that apply to 'Madeira Rum', particularly aged rum.
Under the terms of the aforementioned legislation, the protected geographical indication “Rum da Madeira” or “Rum Agrícola da Madeira” must appear on the labeling of «Rum da Madeira», and the following traditional terms or other designations associated with age may also appear on the labeling /ageing period or the year of production, provided that the corresponding specifications are met:

Traditional Mentions«Madeira Rum» with age indication«Madeira Rum» with indication of the year of production

The following traditional terms may be used on the labeling of 'Madeira Rum':
«Cane brandy», «sugar cane brandy» or «sugar cane brandy» - terms compatible with any category of «Madeira Rum»;
«Old», «old rum» or «old brandy» - mentions reserved for «Madeira Rum» aged in oak wood casks for a minimum period of 3 years.

Nthe labeling of 'Madeira Rum' may contain an indication of age whenever the rum has been aged in oak casks for a minimum period corresponding to the age in question. The permitted age indications are as follows:
"3 years";
«6 years» or «Reservation»;
"nine years old";
«12 years» or «Old Reserve»;
«15 years» or «Special Reserve»;
«18 years old» or «Superior Reserve»;
«21 years old» or «Grand Reservation»;
«25 years old» or other indication of a higher age approved by IVBAM, whether or not associated with the term «Grande Reserva Premium».

The year of production may appear on the labeling of the «Rum da Madeira», provided that it has actually been produced in its entirety in the year in question and subsequently aged in oak casks until bottling.
The bottling of «Madeira Rum» with an indication of the year of production can only be carried out after a minimum aging stage of 3 years, and the year of bottling is always mandatory.

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